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The Tharavadu
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The Tharavadu

In olden times, the prime commercial area, “ Angadi” of Cherthala was in the vicinity of Muttom St Mary's Forane Church . The ancestral home (tharavadu) of Panjikaran, one of the ancient Syrian Catholic families of Kerala is situated close to the church. Being a prominent house, “ Veedu” in the town, it came to be known in the vernacular as ANGADI VEEDU. This centuries old unique mansion, as it stands now was re-built by Mathew Panjikaran in 1930.

Our Heritage:

Though traditionally landlords, many members of the family achieved repute and respect as public men, legal luminaries, academicians, administrators, priests and nuns. Late Mathew Panjikaran, was a prominent lawyer and represented Cherthala taluk in the Sree Moolam Popular Assembly in the State of Travancore in 1923 & 1930. He had two daughters. The elder, joined the Italian congregation of Sisters of Canosa as Sr. Annetta Panjikaran. The second daughter, Thresiamma married Abraham E.A, a member of the ancient Elenjikal family of Alapuzha and son of the distinguished Ayurvedic physician E.W Abraham Vaidyan. His forefathers were the best known Ayurvedic physicians honoured by the Travancore kingdom as the palace physicians.


Prof Mathew Panjikaran, (the eldest son of Abraham and Thresiamma) , and his wife Jessy live in the inherited Angadiveedu Tharavad and continue carrying forward its heritage and traditions. The homestay facility hosted by them is open to international tourist couples and offers an enriching and comfortable experience of the traditional Syrian Catholic life style, culture and hospitality unique to the Angadiveedu Tharavad and ancestry.

Jessy, a home science graduate is a keen homemaker with acclaimed culinary skills. She has a rich and varied experience in home hospitality management. Raised in a large traditional family she has a natural sensitivity to the Tharavad’s guests and visitors. Besides her culinary expertise, her favourite passion is embroidery and crochet which she enjoys sharing with those whom it interests.

Prof. Mathew, a retired educationalist had an outstanding academic, and management career spanning over 39years.He has held numerous positions such as Professor and Head of the Chemistry Department of a leading Arts and Science college, and then its Principal. He was instrumental in the initial setting up and the running of the administrative and human resource systems of a new engineering college under the Mahatma Gandhi University. He also held responsible positions in several social and charitable institutions, besides being associated with many community social initiatives. His personal life and relational exposure to a wide spectrum of people, groups and situations across Kerala has given him the versatility required of an international quality home stay facility provider. His knowledge and understanding of traditions, history, culture and current happenings make an interesting information source - both to entertain and enlighten!

Their meticulous attention to details ensures visitors, an experience that they will want to repeat.


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